Thursday, March 22, 2018

run commute 16

Monday - three mile AM hike with the dog, followed by run commute 15.  40 minutes to and from work.  Would like to start to get that number up to 60 minutes, but I'm already getting up at 4:40AM and I'm having trouble finding the time.  And the dog won't let me cut down her hour plus hike.

Tuesday - bike commute 14.  Six miles to work, three miles home.  CityRock 45 at lunch.  Hit up Trails End in the evening, and the guy who has the record for bikepacking the Colorado Trail was there.  He did it in just over three days.  Or about the amount of zero days we are taking in Salida.

Wednesday - 75 minute dog hike in the Garden followed by run commute 16.  CityRock 46 at lunch.

Thursday - 60 minute dog hike followed by a trip to Accolade.  CityRock at lunch.

Finished the MTI Teton Grand Traverse program just before Salida and I'm getting ready to start the Peak Bagger program that Shad has suffered through in the past.  Just some different stuff to get ready for the big hike.  This program includes lots of step ups, which I will do on a 19 inch step I have at the house or, if I have the time, head over to the Incline.

Speaking of the big hike, $100 has a timer on her phone and we have less than three months until we leave.

Luckily for us, Buddy Guy is coming to town 2.9 months from now!


The Padre said...

Buddy Guy?? Phuc-N Fantastic!! Will be looking forward to the photos and brewery ( pre-game show ) updates.


Shad Mika said...

I recommend getting a hand counter like in the link below. Very easy to zone out and lose count of all the stepups.