Monday, November 13, 2017

first to worst

Ran the Celebrate Our Vets 5k on Saturday.  19:09, with mile splits of 6:16, 6:02, and 6:10.  But you don't have to be good when you choose races like I do, and I actually ended up winning this thing.  By a lot.  Basically the field was me and a bunch of blind people (And Brandon Staponowhich, who I crushed).

The American Distance Project, which now apparently serves to place Kenyan born folks into the Army, was out there doing speedwork.  They were probably running close to two minutes per mile faster than I was going, but I'm sure I impressed them with my win.

After celebrating my victory at the brand spankin' new Trails End Taproom, I went over to Cheyenne Mountain High School for the open two mile race.  I need to kick O'Day in the balls because he told me there would be some slow people there.  But only one slow person showed up - me.  Bunch of young college dudes in short shorts and sponsored runner singlets, and me out in lane eight rocking NBA style shorts and a Grateful Dead cotton t-shirt.  I ran my first lap in 82 and I was very, very much in last place already.  Only two guys in the ten person field didn't lap me, and those two were pretty close.  Finished in 11:49 after running a solo lap of shame the final quarter mile, about a minute behind the next guy.

I've been running a long time, but I've never finished first and last in the same day.


Bob Johnson said...

I'll send you an extra Troegs for this post.
I went to a self - pour bar in Iowa a couple years back and the beers were 8 bucks.

brownie said...

It can be expensive, but you don't have to tip. So at the end of the day my bill there is roughly equal to any of the other breweries I visit.

GZ said...

This is excellent, and this sort of stuff is why I still read any blogs.

MtUnpaved said...

Love that last comment, Thanks for keeping it real!