Monday, February 03, 2014

beer #34

AM - Something a bit different today.  With the weather looking super crappy for the foreseeable future, I knew I needed to somehow get some time on the bike.  So I tried out the indoor cycling class at the Y.  Somehow drug my ass out of bed in time to make it to the 5:15AM class and rode pretty hard for an hour and fifteen minutes.  Nice to work up a sweat instead of freeze my fingers off.  Done at 6:30AM, I even had time to throw some weights around before heading across the street to work.

PM - Probably the last decent weather day for the Incline until next week, so the dog and I headed over for my ninth trip of the year.  The Incline and Barr were in real good condition, though I suspect that will be different by tomorrow morning.

Found a homebrew in the dark corner of my beer fridge.  Charbuck's Black Coffee & Cream Stout.  Thought it was a GZ concoction, but he denies involvement.  My next guess is Steve Pero.  Whoever made it, it's damn good and much better than the $6 pint of Young's I had yesterday.

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Steve Pero said...

Yes, twas one of mine I left at last year's PP50k. Glad you enjoyed it! Wish I sent you up some of my Mocha Porter, was delicious, but now it's gone ;-) Burp...