Monday, November 04, 2019

weekend update

Bit hungover on Saturday but I still hit the track.  Kind of comical as the Holmes track was pretty messed up.  Ran eight quarters, though they were all in lanes two and three, plus having to swing out to lane six on the south turn.  Still averaged 93 on these, happy with the effort.

After the track we headed up to the Academy for the Army game.  Pretty good game, though I was rooting for Army and they were just a little behind all day, including the end.

But I did score a pretty sweet hat.

Eventually we got home and headed back out to the Colorado Mountain Club annual dinner.  The speaker was none other than Matt Carpenter. 

I've picked up on Matt's story bit by bit over the dozen plus years I've lived in the area.  But it was cool to hear him tell the whole thing.  He doesn't race anymore but he has covered at least an hour each day for the last six years.  The dog and I will see him once every blue moon, and the dude still moves.  He told me if he had to go run the race today he could go 2:29.  He also had good things to say about Killian, though he was critical of an 18 minute incline Killian ran the Friday before marathon Sunday.  He finally added that he believes all his records will be broken, and he said he looks forward to asking the new record holder how he trained to run so fast.

On Sunday I got up and watched the NYC marathon.  $100 was watching and must have been motivated as she put herself into the lottery for Chicago.  After the race I got out for my last long run before Benning, 21.6 miles in just over three hours.  Pretty wrecked afterwards, but I got my ass over to hot yoga and that helped with recovery.


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Dig That Hat Brother Man


Kieran McCarthy said...

I was going to type "legend" as well, but GZ beat me to it. LEGEND! I named a trail after him when I was in HS. And in the interim he won like 10 PPMs. Has he ever said why he's not racing any more?

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