Tuesday, June 11, 2019

run commute 37

Monday - pretty sore from the Garden but I did have a good dog hike (3.2 miles) followed by bike commute 35.  Took the long way home and got in a 14 mile ride.  Went to CityRock at lunch but was fairly unmotivated to do much.

Tuesday - another hour with the dog, some leg blasters, then a 4.2 mile run to work in 34:37.  Really good climb over lunch with my buddy Mike.  My goal for the gym climbs is to get to 5.9 and V4, and some days I feel like I'm getting there.  Today was one of those days.

Shot of me at the Garden, suffering up the last climb.  Such a crazy race, my pace varied constantly between 5:40 and almost ten minutes per mile, which is the pace I'm running here:

This is year three of the new course.  The first year I ran 1:08:47.  In 2018 I ran 1:13:36.  And 1:09:48 this year.

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Larry said...

Glad the wife and I bumped into you during one of your infamous run commutes this past week. Definitely will want to grab a beer(s) soon.