Thursday, December 14, 2017

Carpenter Peak

It's become a habit now that whenever I need to go to our Denver office for work, I hit Roxborough State Park for a run up Carpenter Peak before heading back home.  A little bit out of the way, but Living The Dream Brewing is close by so it makes for a great afternoon.

Met up with JP at the trailhead.  Just under 40 minutes to the top.  JP hasn't been running much so I was able to keep up.  Then back down and over to LTD for a few brews while we talked about how all of our friends who used to run don't run anymore.  Good times!

Totally unrelated, here's a pic of me finishing the Chasing Santa 5k on Sat:

1 comment:

GZ said...

We were once less older and just a little less slower.

If Santa beats you, yunz on the naughty list.