Monday, August 21, 2017


Well, it sure went a lot better than last year!

Fairly happy with my weekend given the fact that I haven't been feeling right since BTMR.  3:29:40 for the Ascent, 5:45:23 for the Marathon.

Worked hard all day on the Ascent, pretty much found a groove from the start that kept me right on the line of going as fast as I could without blowing up.  Same with the ascent on the Marathon, which I got in 3:37.  Only portion of the Marathon I wasn't happy with was from the top down to Barr Camp.  Perhaps remembering last year, I was way too cautious.  Did that portion in 69 minutes.  Knew I would have to get serious after Barr if I wanted to break six hours, so I really crushed it from there.  Barr Camp to the finish in just under an hour.

I always think of myself as an uphill guy and almost proudly talk of how much I suck on the downhill.  But in reality, I had the 87th best marathon ascent, and the 83rd best descent on the day, even with the lackluster first half of the downhill.

Will definitely be back next year.  We are planning on finishing up our Colorado Trail hike as close to race weekend as possible.  Want to see how I do with two months of zero running but tons of weighted, high altitude mountain hiking.

$100 finished the Ascent in 5:16.  She does not share my plans for next year.

Melissa M got this pic of me finishing on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done!! I gave you the fist bump when you were headed down, I'm guessing that's the reason for your solid time down. haha Hope you celebrated properly!

brownie said...

I remember that! Thanks! I'll give you credit for the descent from Barr Camp down.