Monday, October 23, 2017

run commute 52

Slowly starting to emerge from the crud I had been dealing with since Thursday.  Was prepared to take down all of Alex's local KOM's, but then this guy got in my way:

5.5 miles to work, four miles home.  Then an easy 2.7 mile hike in Red Rock Canyon with $100 and the dog.

On Sunday afternoon our library hosted a talk by Kevin Fedarko, author of one of my favorite books ever - The Emerald Mile.  Great talk and it really lit a fire for me to get back to the Grand Canyon.


Shad Mika said...

When are we going? Never been.

brownie said...

I might try to get there late winter. I'll probably try something different than the R2R2R (though you should do that if you haven't, it's amazing).