Tuesday, September 12, 2017

DeadPhish Orchestra

I had heard about DPO many many years ago while hanging out at Sancho's, but I had never seen them as they usually stick to the Denver/Boulder area.  But lo and behold last Friday they made their virgin trip to the Springs.  I got a ticket for $100 but she just kept rolling her eyes so I took Nacheaux instead.  Great show, loved the band, hope they come back often.  Yes, they play a mix of the Grateful Dead and Phish.  Do you really need anything else?

Despite starting our night at the Angry Pirate (formerly the Knob Hill Lounge) and visiting the Skybox, we had somewhat behaved ourselves.  But then we made the unwise decision to have the lyft driver drop us off at Shae's instead of the house.  We proceeded to drink a lot of cheap, shitty gin.

We even stopped at Alchemy after this.  Getting my liver in primo shape for the upcoming Vegas trip.

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